My name is Rodge and I’ve been into miniatures, painting and gaming since I was a wee lad, over 25 years ago now!

My interests extend to all aspects of the hobby and I think my various projects reflect that!

SAGA THORSDAY is a weekly show dedicated to the excellent Saga miniatures game. It can be found in video form on my Rodge Rules Youtube page.

You Magnificent Bastards is a group blog project I founded many years ago. This is a good place to see photos of my models as well as pics, tutorials, event coverage and other cool stuff posted by my midwest buds! (Although I do intend to add a gallery to this site at some point!) The blog is still updated from time to time and can be found at www.youmagnificentbastards.com.

WAAAGH! Paca is an annual gaming event held at the end of January every year in Waupaca, Wisconsin. It began as a Warhammer tournament and has evolved over the years into something of a legend. If you’ve made it out, you know I can’t really describe its majesty. Suffice it to say, to fully understand the glory, it must be experienced firsthand. The details for the upcoming year are released every August and you can check that out at www.waaaghpaca.com.

Although no longer active, the Point Hammered Podcast is something of a Warhammer institution at this point! I did this with my good bud, Johnny, for 10 years! Although we began as a Warhammer Fantasy podcast, the show expanded over the years to include other miniature games, favorite books, movies, and all the weird stuff that happens to us. It should be noted that this cast was quite explicit from start to finish! Check out www.pointhammered.com to listen to all the old episodes.

If you’d like to contact me, drop an email to RodgeRules@gmail.com.